Monthly Archives: October 2013

Stars crossed

Ernie, a widower, thinks life in assisted living is a little too quiet for him. He met Hannah, a woman he likes very much and they began a weekly play-reading group that was quickly joined by other residents. Hannah would like to read Romeo and Juliet with Ernie and herself in the title roles. Ernie is insisting on Antony and Cleopatra.

On a roll

Henry loves poker, but his family thinks that playing cards is sinful. When he moved into our facility, he was delighted to join three other residents in a weekly game. He is even more delighted to tell everyone he knows that he’s ahead $1.27.

Out of the shower

George joined the choir at his assisted living facility because he loves to sing. His wife had always discouraged him from “caterwauling”, so he confined his singing to the shower. The choir master told him he has a fine tenor. No one had ever praised his voice before. George has come out of the shower.

What is assisted living?

What’s assisted living like? It’s not like a hospital, and it’s not like home. At The Hallmark, a very pleasant residence, it’s more like living in an apartment with meals provided and medical help if needed. Is it a community? A community is a body of people with something in common, and so it is a community. There is a sense of comfortable enclosure, helping hands, and people who care.