It is so interesting, I am getting a couple more for friends.
Thank you so much for writing this book.
You have provided a real service to others.
Kathy Minaert
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

I have cc’d our volunteer ombudsman coordinator so she can view your book and purchase one for each volunteer ombudsman as part of our annual recognition gift. Your perspective is important to us. Thank you for finding us. Thank you for speaking your truth. Stay in touch!
Lori Walsh
Program Manager, Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly

Love both books! They have been making the rounds in our agency.
Sheryl L. Luebke
M. Ed., Supv./Senior & Volunteer Engagement, JFS Counseling, Richmond, VA

Thank you for sending us the links to your books as well as your blog. It is really very insightful. Let me know if it will be alright to share the link to your blog with some of our students in the gerontology program.
Swarn Chatterjee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, University of Georgia

I am so glad you have shared this perspective with the world. I can’t wait to read your book and am ordering it right now. I would love to talk on the phone in the near future and learn more about you and get your thoughts on a project on which I am working about elders’ feelings of being invisible as they grow older and what growing older means to them.
Sonya Barsness MSG

Thank you Carol. What a wonderful perspective
Cheryl Phillips, M.D.

Thank you so much for reaching out, Carol! How wonderful that you wrote this book! I am passing this on to others as well to see what we can do to get the word out!
Maria Maggio, CMP
LeadingAge Florida

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I think this could be very valuable information to a lot of our constituents who are going through the same struggle or will face it soon. I would be more than happy to share the availability of your book with our seniors. I truly appreciate you reaching out and I appreciate the courage and hard work that it takes to pioneer a subject that has not yet been explored. I hope we’ll be in touch in the future – I would love to chat with you about the possibility of a talk or presentation if that’s something you’d be interested in.
Victoria Hunt
Media & Program Coordinator, Northampton Senior Services

Thanks so much for reaching out Carol. I will take a look at your blog. Thank you for sharing your experience. Reflections like this will be so critical as we move forward in developing housing interventions for our communities.
Kelly W. Kent
Director, National Housing Initiative, SAGE

Thank you Carol for sharing your experiences with the world through this book. It will help in educating both care providers and families.
Julie McFarland,
Membership Coordinator/Information Technology Coordinator, Anchorage Senior Activity Center

I think you are bringing attention to a very important subject that many are curious and concerned about.
Kimberly Amaya
Health and Wellness Coordinator, Anchorage Senior Activity Center

It is very interesting to see what you are doing and thank you so much for sharing your blog and book links. Terrific to read what you are doing and sharing with others.
Clare Churchouse, Communications Assistant, The John A. Hartford Foundation

I think you are bringing attention to a very important subject that many are curious and concerned about.
Kimberly Amaya, health and Wellness Coordinator, Anchorage Senior Activity Center

Thank you for this information! I bought the first book and have shared it with my co workers and clients. They all love it! It has been helpful, as one client told me “… to know that I’m not alone in my experience. I thought the challenges I was having was just me”. I will be ordering the new book!
Laura Vaillancourt, LMHC, GMHS

I’ve bought both your books, I think they’ll be useful for the adult children of my clients.
Good work!
Randee Smith, President, Autumn Transitions, Inc.,
Geriatric Care Management for Older Adults

Thanks so very much for sharing, Ms. Netzer!  I enjoyed the blog posts and will make a point to share with others.
Greg Shelley
Staff Ombudsman, Houston-Galveston

Many thanks for writing it – you’re right that really the only info we have as we make these decisions comes from the brochures about the various places. I’m sure your book will provide invaluable insight, not only about how they actually operate, but also about how it feels to live in one.
Kim Carter

Very interesting.  I teach a geriatric care management program at the Brookdale Center,for Healthy Aging and will be teaching the class about assisted living facilities.  Will definitely recommend your book.
Randi Anderson
Randerson Cares, LLC

What a wonderful resource! A perfect combination with your expertise, and the insider’s view. Thanks for sharing.
Anne Hays Egan
Principal, New Ventures Consulting

You have a refreshingly genuine writing ‘voice’ that is a joy to read for its warmth and realism. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Karen Raines
Owner of Senior Play List, Inc.

Carol, I can truly say that reading your blog is one of the highpoints of my day.
Fran McAllister
Manager Goal Setting & Solutions at Girl Scouts of Nassau County

On her blog, Assisted Living: An Insider’s View, Carol Netzer, a four-year resident of an assisted living community, shares stories, experiences, and observations. A psychologist by training, Netzer possesses a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling. Each post describes a situation, a person, or an event, providing readers with a window through which to observe the successes and challenges of the day-to-day assisted living experience.

If a member of your family is considering a move to an assisted living residence, take some time to follow this blog. You will gain an insider’s perspective and learn a lot more than you can from the brochures.
Marti Weston

Very enjoyable reading. I see a little of my own mother in some of the characters.
Fran McAllister
Manager Goal Setting & Solutions at Girl Scouts of Nassau County

Thank you for sharing this! My mom has been in assisted living for a year now. It is wonderful to read this perspective!
Lynae Berge Wingate
Independent Education Management Professional

This will be an important discussion as you share this important perspective.
Sam Uhl
Personal Historian

Your book looks really interesting also as that situation pertains to so many families.
Jeannie W.
Bringing Clarity to Medical Issues

i would love to hear what people are saying. Count me in.
Nicole Detra
Outreach Coordinator “The Senior Connection”

I LOVED the inside view you have given us. Everyone who works in a facility overhears comments and life stories but I was instantly drawn into all your details and felt a part of the dialogue. Please keep them coming, especially the back stories of lives, this really helps staff to come up with ways to engage our residents like your Bohemian friend and the newsletter.
Christine Shupe
Adult Day Center Manager at Immanuel Pathways

It’s wonderful to have your voice give the resident’s perspective on assisted living. I look forward to hearing more about the ups and downs of living this lifestyle.
Lynda Sparrow
Senior Housing Specialist and Video Biographer

Terrific stories. All too often we refer to the elderly as, “The Elderly.” But a Pox on us for doing so. These are human beings with stories and lives and mysteries and aches and pains and who have children who love them and who have children who want their money and who are lonely and bored and who have so much to say but with no one listening. But now Carol is listening, and that makes all the difference.
Dr. Steven Fuller
President at Illumination Analytics

I’m looking forward to reading more.
Kim Prayfrock
Director of Community Relations at Oak Meadows

Carol: Thank you! I’m reading, and laughing, and touched. My Mom lives in a CCRC and last year took a class in writing (she a many years retired English teacher). I’m forwarding your blog link to her. I think she and many of her new friends will enjoy, relate and heck, might even send you a story or two. Great stuff and thank you for sharing.
John Durkee
(Acting) VP Sales at NewCare Solutions, consulting other projects

Delightful reading! Every assisted living community is much more than just a place. They are collections of unique individuals with a wealth of life stories, wisdom and entertainment.
Linda Armas, CSA
President, Clear Choice Senior Services

I like your observations and your insights. This is important writing and I’m glad you’re posting it.
Deborah Shouse
Writer, editor, speaker, author of Love in the Land of Dementia: Finding Hope in the Caregiver’s Journey

I love your blogs and know that there is such a microcosm of life in each facility. Thank you for sharing your stories!
Debbie Carroll
Founder at The Senior Sage

Thank you for your insight into living in an assisted living facility. I work in a skilled nursing facility (mostly for short term rehab) and we discharge patients to assisted living when they can no longer live by themselves. Your information certainly gives me information on more things to look for when making those referrals.
Leslie Curtis
Director of Business Development at Regents Park Boca Raton

I shall explore with great interest. Thank you for sharing.
Laura Belgrave
Director of Communications at Regents Park Boca Raton

Carol, thanks for sharing this… I am going to put a link to your blog on mine. Your insight is so valuable! Happy New Year!
Lisa Sneddon
President & Founder, Senior Living Experts, Inc

Carol! Loved reading your posts. I work for an assisted living and I can truly appreciate your insight. Thank you for sharing. I will continue to read.
Diana Delgado
Residence Director at Select Senior Living

You have a wonderful touch at picking up the reality in peoples lives. As a consultant who helps persons find the right Assisted Living – I have always believed there is so much more variation, energy, life force in communities. It is not that life is better – though that occurs too – but it tends to be more full, even for those who continue to object to their residency. Well done, and keep writing.
Michael Brodie
Owner/Manager at Michael Brodie Senior Placement, Expert Witness for Long Term Care

Carol, thank you for this. I wish more residents would blog and let us know what it’s like to live in assisted living from their point of view. My mom has dementia and does not really remember her interactions or experiences. Keep on keeping us informed.
Helene Simon
Change to grow.