Making The Transition

To make a transition means to leave something old and familiar to enter into a way of life that is new and unfamiliar.

Making a good transition is the first step—an important one—to insure a good experience in your retirement home. Here are some suggestions to make this happen.

Visit the place you like best and, if you can, stay a few days before you make a long-term commitment. This will help make it more familiar. Retirement homes generally recognize the need for trial visits and some of them have set aside guest rooms for this purpose.

On a temporary visit you will meet the residents and have an opportunity to ask them what they like about the facility and what they would change. Whether you stay for a few hours or a few days, notice whether the staff is attentive and responsive to the residents. If you are not planning to stay overnight, ask if you may speak to a few of the residents. Notice the surroundings, inside and out, and consider whether you will feel comfortable in the neighborhood. Is it safe? Is it pleasant? Is there a drug store or convenience store nearby? A small park? Something else that’s important to you? Time spent in and around the retirement home beforehand will help ease your move and familiarize you with your new home and the neighborhood. You may also have the good luck to meet some residents in advance whom you would like to get to know.

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