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America is getting older. Baby-boomers are confronted with the problem  of helping their elderly parents find the best living situation for  their old age. It won’t be long before their own children will find  themselves in the same situation.

One of the most promising retirement alternatives today is the Assisted  Living Facility, a residence in which elderly people can live  autonomously yet be provided with necessary services like food,  housekeeping, on-premises medical attention and social activities.

Most of the information available to prospective residents and their  adult children comes from the brochures of these very enterprises and a  handful of books on the subject. None of these publications were  written by a resident of one of these facilities.

I have been a resident in assisted living facilities for over four  years. I’m a trained psychologist, naturally inclined to observe human  behavior wherever I go. My book, Assisted Living: An Insider’s View, is  a unique combination of descriptions of day-to-day operations in  assisted living, personal impressions, and observations of  fellow-residents and how they interact. I am uniquely qualified to  write about the difference between a successful and unsuccessful  experience for the resident in assisted living.

I’m certain that it will be a valuable resource for people who are  either considering making the commitment to assisted living or are  urging an ageing parent to do so.

9 thoughts on “About the Book

  1. Lynn Drummond

    Recently, I went into an Assisted Living without telling the Administrations my purpose of being there. It was part of my PhD paper to study the other aspect of Operating an Assisted Living/Nursing Home. I welcome you to look at my LinkedIn profile to see my background.

    I spent 58 days in the building. Observing many things that only validate that most Administrations & Ownerships/Governing Bodies close their eyes to the real events that occur and are tolerated to our seniors. It not only made me a better individual, mother, daughter but it created more kindness within my own future both professionally and personal.

    I will admit that I cried a few times to my own mother and father about the things I experienced. They encouraged me to push forward in my career and schooling. They are my mentors.

    The things that I both experienced and heard about from other residents still live within me.

    I am very happy for your post. I have the unique experience of being on both sides of the fence and in the middle.


    Lynn R. Drummond

  2. Carol Post author

    Thanks for your post. Your experience sounds interesting. I hope you continue check in with my blog from time to time and spread the word if you like it.

  3. Pauline Hislop

    I have been checking a few sites but not able to see where I can purchase Carol Netzer BOOK.
    Kindly send me information on how and where to purchase one…thank you

  4. Lynda

    Lynn, I’m fascinated by your” experiment”. By and large, assisted livings are structured as real estate investments and its like trying to push a round peg into a square hole when it comes to services and care for the elderly.
    The good ones, stand out.
    Please persevere with your studies. You may help change the business model.

  5. Carol Netzer

    So far I have not found a publisher. But I enjoy doing this blog and hope that in time it will help attract one. Thank you for your interest.

  6. Carol Post author

    Thank you Jon, for your loving words. I really appreciate them. I think of you often and hope all goes well with you, Suzanne and Casey.
    Love, Carol

  7. Ryan Loeffler

    I was bit confused in between Assisted living and nursing care options and Now i quite clear that Assisted living facility is a long term care options for seniors and nursing care is temporary option to take care of seniors. Thank you for sharing such an informative blog post.

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